Many homes wouldn’t be repaired after a leak, fire or any other kind of damage if it weren’t for home owner’s insurance. Because not everyone has the cash to pay for a water damage restoration.

The amount of money your insurance pays for your claim determines the kind of repair you get. Now when you hire the right restoration company to aid your claim, you would be getting what you deserve or even something better, in terms of the quality of fixing your home.

On the other hand, hiring an incompetent restoration company will complicate matters, and you may be getting less than you deserve in terms of quality repairs.

Here are three ways AA Restoration can aid your insurance claim:

  • We provide an itemized estimate
  • Proper documentation of the work process
  • Assess additional damage as it comes along

We Provide an Itemized Estimate

There are two kinds of estimates – total, and itemized estimates. The total estimate is just a quick estimate showing the total of what it would cost to fix the damage. A total estimate is just a number.

On the other hand, an itemized estimate breaks down the estimated cost of fixing the damage. With an itemized estimate, it is easy to see how everything adds up. The itemized estimate reflects the cost of each material and the cost of labor.

Proper documentation of the work process

3 Ways AAction Restoration Can Aid Your Insurance Claim

AA Restoration documents all their work with photographs and receipts for materials bought. Every good damage restoration company keeps its paperwork in order.

If for any reason your insurance company wants to see more proof of work done or the extent of the original damage, we are well able to provide proper documentation.

Assess additional damage as it comes along

It is possible to have hidden damages, even after a thorough inspection for the estimate. Some damages can worsen, like mold. And some damages may not be visible until the water has been removed, in the case of water damage.

As long as you haven’t settled your claim, AAction Restoration can amend their estimate and help you get additional repairs covered.

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