3 Rooms Where Wainscoting Wins!

When the time comes to remodel your home, you want to make choices that are both trendy and timeless.  Of course, it is difficult to find a style where those two intersect. Most of the time, trendy style choices end up appearing gaudy in a year or two, yet timeless trends seem boring and undesirable at the moment.  If you are currently going through the process of remodeling your home and looking for a design choice that is both trendy and timeless, consider wainscoting.

3 Rooms Where Wainscoting WinsWainscoting is wood paneling that lines the lower part of a room.  Traditionally, wainscoting was designed to help keep older homes warmer by offering another layer of insulation.  However, even as heating and insulation have evolved to be more efficient, wainscoting remains a strong design element.

There are many different ways that wainscoting can be designed, both modern and traditional. If wainscoting interests you, consider installing it in one of these three rooms to make a total design statement.

The Bathroom

Although the bathroom is not the first place most people consider installing wainscoting, it certainly helps turn a drab room into a fab room rather quickly.  In the bathroom, wainscoting can act as a “splash barrier” for water that is dispersed from the sink, and also helps to make a small room look bigger.

The Dining Room

Wainscoting in the dining room is a very traditional design choice, but one that has never phased out of style.  No matter the style of wainscoting you choose, it can easily evolve along with the color pallet, flooring choice, and additional design elements of a dining room.

The Office

If there is any room in the home that you are free to design at-will, it is the office.  Your office should inspire you and evoke a feeling of passion. Installing wainscoting in your office is a great way to make your office feel official.  Stained or painted, either way, it will make a statement.

Just remember, installing wainscoting requires precise measurement and cuts! So, if you are not a woodworker by hobby or trade, don’t hesitate to call your local professional before starting a project.

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