Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Fresh, clean air blowing through the windows and music blaring as piles and bags fill all of the empty floor space throughout the home.  It’s spring cleaning day.  For most people, spring cleaning means purging the unnecessary items from the interior of the home, cleaning out closets, and moving furniture that has set in one place too long to make sure that there are no dust bunnies still taking up residence.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a time to renew the home and renew the mind.  However, one area that is often overlooked during the act of spring cleaning is the outdoors—and it shouldn’t be.  The outside of the home is the first impression for new visitors and paints a picture of what life might look like on the inside for passersby.  What your home looks like on the outside is important, and that’s why it should also be included in spring cleaning.

Now that you are thinking about spring cleaning the outside of your home, here are three places you can start.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Washing and Repairing Windows

Winter weather elements can do a number on your home windows.  That’s why one of the best things to do in the spring is get out there and clean them! Wash your windows on the inside, outside, and around the caulking.  While you are at it, keep an eye out for any gaps, cracks, or broken pieces that need repaired.

Cleaning and Replacing Gutters

Springtime means rain and usually after the fall and winter gutters are full of leaves and other debris.  Every spring you need to get outside (or call someone else to) and clean out your gutters! Having gutters free of debris will allow rainwater to flow freely and help your roof to last longer!

Fence Painting and Repairs

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips - FenceFences are like accessories for the home.  When they are looking bad, everything else is too! So, before the summer begins make sure that your fence is looking sharp and well-painted.  You can call a local home repair company to do this at an affordable cost if you don’t have the time to do it yourself!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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