The purpose of the front of your home is to welcome friends and neighbors in and make them feel at home.  No matter the season, your front porch, walk, or entryway should evoke feelings of excitement and invitation.  Despite this well-known sentiment, there are many homes in every neighborhood where the front is less than desirable. Don’t be one of those homes.

Make the Front of Your Home Pop This SpringThis spring, make the front of your home POP for your friends and visitors by implementing these three, easy home upgrades!

Paint Your Front Door

This spring, brightly colored front doors are all the rage.  We’re talking robin’s egg blue, lime green, coral, or hot pink; think of the craziest color you can, and it’s probably the perfect choice for your front door. Painting your door a bright, crazy color helps to enthusiastically welcome people into your home.  The best part? If you don’t like your choice, next summer you can always paint it again!

Upgrade Your Porch Railings

It’s rather easy for a porch to get dilapidated and run-down throughout the seasons. But, letting it stay that way can keep your friends away as well.  This spring, bring your front porch back to life with a set of new railings.  Try a combination of rod-iron and wood, or go for a modern look with shatterproof glass.

Create a Unique Walkway

If the front of your home has a regular, concrete sidewalk leading up to the front door or porch, you can make your home pop is by changing it out for something unique.  A brick-lined, cobblestone, or stepping stone path are all solid choices. A unique walkway makes your home memorable—and just remember if you don’t want to do the work, you can always call a professional to do it for you!

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