A sunroom is a perfect place to lay back on a Sunday afternoon, kick up your feet, and enjoy the day.  In your sunroom, you can read a book, drink your morning coffee, or just sit around soaking up the day. For that reason, a sunroom is one of the most popular additions to any home.

Tips for Creating a Sunroom You Will LoveIf you want to create the perfect sunroom addition for your home. Here are a few tips on how you can do it.

Choose the Right Windows

The whole point of installing a sunroom in your home is to create a place where you can enjoy the sun. Therefore, choosing the right type of window is key.  First and foremost you will want a window with a pleasing aesthetic. Depending on your personal style, there are two types of aesthetic we recommend. For a more modern taste, choose a window without seams that will flow endlessly from one pane to another. However, to give your room a vintage a multi-pane is best.

Besides aesthetic, it is also important to choose all season windows for your sunroom.

Install Versatile Flooring

For your sunroom, the flooring you choose will determine the different uses.  For example, many people choose a tile floor because it is easy to clean. However, others may choose to install light carpeting because it provides warmth to the room.  We suggest choosing a flooring style that is conducive to your lifestyle. So, if you have kids and know you will make messes go with tile. If you aren’t worried about cleaning go with the carpet.

Create a Timeless Design

One of the best parts of a building a sunroom addition is that you don’t need a lot of decor or frill to make it look great.  After all, bringing the outside in is what creates all the beauty. For that reason, it is important to choose a color palette, furniture, and accent decor that you will enjoy for a long time.  For this, we recommend bright neutrals such as white, light gray, or even a pale blue.

Now that you know all the secrets to designing the perfect sunroom it’s time to build your own. Just call a local professional like AAction Home Repairs to help you.

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